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Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or in-between, the David Stanoch School of Drumming offers an experienced and personal approach to help you take Command of your drumming.

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For your convenience David offers two lesson options – OnLine and OnSite. Both options offer the same features of the Student Portal and David’s personalized instruction.


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Near the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, metro area or passing through? Study at my Studio for the live 1-to-1 experience

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I enjoy teaching because I enjoy playing, and my playing advanced by studying with great teachers.

Years of intensive teaching, parallel to a full-time performance career as a drummer, has given me great insight and experience into how to communicate clearly my concepts to those in my band, audience or classroom.

My students play – and WORK – in the contemporary musical realms of jazz, pop, rock ‘n roll, metal, techno, r&b, funk, hip-hop, trap, gospel, country, reggae, Afro-Pop, Afro-Brazilian, Afro Cuban & more…

My studio offers a focused environment for any player looking to develop a stronger foundation, greater confidence and freedom of expression in any musical direction.

Let’s explore how together I can get YOU closer to your goals!

~ David Stanoch

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