Lessons from Teaching – Part I

Here’s a little corner of my website where I can share some wisdom with you from time to time.

I like the fact that its title, LESSONS FROM TEACHING, can be interpreted different ways. For example, the most obvious notion would be a focus on offering studies that are perhaps random or in a series of lessons based on popular, current or the perennial topics of study I work on with my students. That will happen here. Another angle, however, is to share ideas that I have learned by teaching. Thoughts about how to best practice or focus… the conceptual visions I employ to motivate my students to their full potential, etc. Allow me to kick off this debut entry with this latter type of offering.

Where Y’AT? – Part One

Let me ask you to imagine what you’d like to learn from a teacher. Typically it’s something out of reach from what you can do for yourself. In choosing the guidance of a teacher, be selective. People have different motivations for “becoming” a teacher. Remember that just because someone calls themselves a teacher doesn’t guarantee they’re any good and there’s a lot of options out there these days. Some teachers audition their students. That’s cool––a good teacher appreciates a dedicated student and the right teacher can help you focus sorting methodically through your interests and goals.

Just keep in mind you’ll be auditioning them as well. Musical growth requires discipline and this perspective can help you relax through the process once you get together to determine if there’s a chemistry there between you.

Take it from there.

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