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Improve Your Groove​

Know your beat? Demystify the ability to swing, steer the time, elasticize your feel & make it funky!

Get Up for the Downstroke

Develop hand & foot techniques beyond limitations to optimize your coordination & style.

Positive Vibrations

Harness rhythmic momentum by understanding subdivisions, polyrhythms & phrasing for creating your beats, breaks & solos––improvised or arranged!

Go Pro!

Expand your foundation to own legit reading, writing & repertoire chops through listening with “big picture” application.

Study the Method being called the next Stick Control or Syncopation for the Modern Drummer!

Creative command is within your reach!

Choose online or onsite instruction

Mastering the tables of time

10th Anniversary
Celebration 2018-19!

Mastering the Tables of Time provides an inclusive framework combining studies in timekeeping, coordination, rudiments, polyrhythms and dynamic control into musical applications to benefit any player interested in developing a stronger foundation, greater confidence and freedom of expression in any musical direction.

Community reviews

2009 Modern Drummer Readers Poll
“Dive in; you’ll find that these exercises will help build upon and improve your independence, creativity, timekeeping skills, and musical phrasing.”
Journal of the Percussive Arts Society
“This book should become one of the perennial methods for drumset along with other books like Ted Reed’s Syncopation, Jim Chapin’s Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer, and Gary Chester’s The New Breed.”
“Fascinating, challenging possibilities through sticking, time and rhythm concepts. Easily understandable. You can feel yourself improving. A future classic!”

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A Student of the Masters,
Passing it On

David developed an appreciation for music early on, picking up guitar at age 7 and began drumming at age 10. From that time forward he has performed constantly, playing his first professional gig at age 12 and carving out a uniquely eclectic resumé, working with a wide variety of popular artists, right up to the present day.

“To Dave, the world is his instrument & his instrument is his world. He approaches both with deep respect & undeterred conviction.”

A dedicated student of his instrument, he has studied with its masters over the years including Elliot Fine, Marv Dahlgren, Alan Dawson, Max Roach, Ignacio Berroa, Jeff Hamilton and Chad Wackerman, among others.

As an educator he has proven to be in-demand, presenting clinics at events such as PASIC, NAMM and KoSA, residencies and lessons at several universities as well as schools of all grade levels, and winning a MODERN DRUMMER Readers Poll for Best Educational book in 2009. After a remarkable 27 year run on the faculty of the McNally Smith College of Music, David is excited to now be available to teach globally without limitations.

Recent News

Lessons from Teaching – Part II

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  • Education ·
Hello Again! For my second LESSONS FROM TEACHING entry, I want to share with you something to study that is very important. I learned this exercise from the great Max Roach in my first lesson with him and I’ve practiced it ever since. In fact, for a long time now it’s been a staple of my warm-up routine. Max called it “The essential rudiment for drumset” ––… Read more
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